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We have recently been selling our house which has been kept up together and very well done up in a respective area. We were moving on due to buying a bigger house for the family.

However, the buyers sent round Mr Wimshurst. When the Estate agent, my family, the builder [who is well recognised] received it, we were shocked!! We have been living in our current house for two and a half years, when we moved in we had a decent and honest report when we moved in about the house which did not state any of the defects that were highlighted in this report.

The report made out the house was almost falling apart. It was very negative and bias. The report was stating, “likely and probable” yet their were no signs of defects?

Out of our own expense we had to send round a civil engineer to prove our house was what it was. Surprise surprise the surveyor stated "I think Mr Wimshurst is an idiot! Your house is in perfect condition."

It turns out the main reason this Wimshurst has done this is to avoid having to pay premiums in case anything came back on himself. This therefore means he doesn’t give an accurate account of the house.

Both the estate agent, builder and civil engineer have stressed to their clients to avoid this company.